Improving a Cheap Cut with a Rich Braise 

Personally, I enjoy Irish American holiday fare like corned beef and cabbage, which I can transport to Boston with the help of soda bread. 

But I can understand if that's not going to happen, whether it's due to circumstance  

(not being Irish, not being interested in the dinner) or memory (the musty, damp aroma of boiling cabbage at Mom's). 

So, this fantastic bourbon-braised beef (up there) was created by Vallery Lomas specifically for you.  

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Whisky gives a low-priced cut of boneless beef chuck a wonderful depth of flavor when combined with maple syrup, 

caramelized tomato paste, thyme, bay leaves, and hints of lemon juice and soy sauce.  

I wouldn't think twice about serving it to your mom tonight, even if it's as Irish as Carmela Soprano. 

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