In seconds, extremely attentive eyes can discern the number among optical illusions. 

Constantly mesmerizing and challenging our perception, optical illusions are intriguing feats of visual ingenuity that never fail to amaze and amaze.  

The way in which our brains interpret visual information is manipulated by these mind-bending visuals or designs,  

which frequently cause us to perceive things that are not actually existent in the objective world. 

One of the reasons that optical illusions are so appealing is that they have the ability to highlight the peculiarities and limitations of our visual system. 

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The brain is predisposed to form assumptions and look for patterns, and they take advantage of this propensity,  

which can sometimes cause us to understand things incorrectly.  

Researchers in the field of psychology and artists alike make use of optical illusions to investigate the mechanisms of perception 

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