Is Tomato Pudding Dessert?

Many dishes appear like they shouldn't function. Although peanut butter and bananas appear odd, they form the Elvis sandwich, an American favorite.  

Many fast food fans crave Burger King's bacon sundae (RIP, sweet prince). Bacon and ice cream seem like a bad combination.   

Tomato pudding is another Southern staple. Yes, you read correctly.   

"Pudding" and "tomato" sound odd together, but bread pudding instead of custard helps. Due to its ambiguous culinary role as a dessert and side dish, it can be difficult to market.   

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It's still tasty.If you've heard "tomato is actually a fruit" enough times, it probably makes you roll your eyes.   

The concept that tomatoes are fruits, like eggplants are berries, was undoubtedly taught to you by your most annoying middle school classmate.  

However, tomato pudding's success is only explained by its fruitiness.Tomato pudding has lots of sugar.  

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