Seven things I wish I knew before getting a dog

Further research may reveal that a dog requires multiple daily walks, a calm location at home, and toys to chew without guilt. 

You may know that dogs need rabies, other recommended immunizations, and deworming every six months. 

 But first-time dog owners can often encounter challenges. This is a partial list.People consider size, breed, and puppy or adult status before buying a dog.

Sometimes the dog's breed is discussed, although usually for personal preference. Some admire the border collie's intelligence, while others have wanted a Dalmatian for half their life. 

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Beyond that, each dog breed has unique demands. “Never choose a dog breed because it's cute or because you love one.

When choosing a dog, consider your lifestyle, time commitment, personality, and experience with dogs, according to veterinarian María VetiCan.

 We often consider getting a border collie or Belgian Malinois, which are popular. These dogs need lots of exercise and peace.

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