Labrador Retriever: Grooming, Temperament, etc.

Labrador Retrievers are appreciated for their friendliness and groomability.

They are hunting partners, assistance dogs, show competitors, and search and rescue heroes.

Labrador puppies should be adopted from rescue groups, reputable breeders, or shelters to ensure their health.

Labradors live 10–14 years and are black, chocolate, or yellow. Their outgoing temperament makes them good family pets because they get along with kids and other pets. 

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They need exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy.The Labrador Retriever is a popular, amiable, and versatile dog breed.

Labradors were originally Newfoundland hunting dogs for North Atlantic fish.

These dogs are outstanding guiding, therapy, and search-and-rescue dogs.'Labrador' comes from a Canadian province.

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