What Dog Foods Are Good?  

Meat supplies many of the proteins and lipids dogs need to grow. Fats are crucial for brain health and can alter dog cognition and behavior.    

Protein amino acids form muscles, hormones, and chemicals that send signals throughout dogs.  

Most canines can benefit from fruits and vegetables. Carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, and blueberries give fiber and minerals without many calories. 

There is some evidence that a vegetarian or vegan diet can cover all of a dog's nutritional demands, but not enough long-term study to justify eliminating meat.  

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Dog food also contains starches like rice and potatoes. 

When humanity ate more starchy foods during the agricultural revolution, early dogs developed the ability to digest starch, which wolves cannot.

Perhaps these will even make you want to experiment with a different flavor or kind of ice cream. While you peruse these details, savor your ice cream. 

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