Leaving Your Dog Alone All Day: 5 Tips  

Place it safely A safe location will reassure your pet while you're away. It could be a room or dog's crate. Due to confinement, separation-anxious dogs do best in kennels.

Leave durable toys for your dog to play with and gnaw on while you're away. Chewing is a wonderful stress reliever for dogs. Available chew toys help dogs cope with loneliness.

Pro Tip A dog's kennel is often its den. Knowing how to make your dog like its crate keeps it safe and comfortable when you leave it there.

Leave TV/radio On Leave the TV or radio on to quiet your pet while you're away. Due of their gregarious nature, dogs can experience company from even a screen or speaker.

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Remember that some dogs dislike background noise. Avoid leaving the TV on if your dog seems upset when you get home.

Release Water If you leave your dog alone all day, make sure it has fresh water. Dehydration can cause many health issues quickly. You can also buy a dog-specific water fountain

Consider Alternative Care If you worry about your pet feeling lonely throughout the day, consider dog walking, pet sitting, or doggie daycare. 

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