Lovely Old-Fashioned Bulldog Varieties (and What They Mean) 

Bulldogs and wrinkled bulldogs in particular seem to be quite popular with Americans right now; in fact, one of these groups is considered the most popular dog breed in the nation. 

I thoroughly like exploring all things canine in my role as a professional pet writer and as the previous president of the Dog Writers Association of America.  

She proved without a shadow of a doubt that this extraordinary canine breed is capable of becoming an athletic and devoted friend. 

"Among Mindy's many impressive feats was her walking a tightrope.  

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It might not be shocking. Beholding the cute, expressionless canines is enough to make anyone grin or laugh.  

The traditional dog, which is known as a bulldog by the American Kennel Club (AKC), 

has been the official mascot of the US Marine Corps and approximately fifty colleges and universities since 1922.  

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