March Zodiac Signs Experience Irish Luck

Neptune will cazimi with the Sun in Pisces on Sunday, March 17, bringing hope, faith, and the ability to create the life you want.  

A cazimi occurs when a planet enters the sun's heart, starting a new cycle and allowing for good luck.  

Neptune cazimi in Pisces enhances love, passion, hope, faith, and fantasy. Neptune oversees what could be if you believed it, and moving into the Sun's divine heart puts you there.  

Pisces will lead the coming year as Saturn stays and the North Node joins it, so pay attention to what appears.   

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Your dreams are real, but you must work for them. True magic is when dreams and determination meet.  

Neptune cazimi can bring luck to any Pisces-ruled sector of your natal chart, but for three lucky signs, it can revolutionize your year.  

Career, reputation, and professional ambitions are Pisces-ruled. This energy might influence your college major, internships, and career.   

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