Present Time: Saturday, March 16, 2024, According to the Tarot 

The greater your ability to assist with tangible matters such as food, money, or running errands, the better. 

Taurus   Today is not the day to do nothing. Do what makes you happy, whether it's planning something exciting or acting on an impulsive idea.  

Going outside your usual routine may be scary, but there are so many exciting things that could happen if you do it. 

Twin stars   These past few nights' dreams have been more real than ever, and you may have even had a terrible nightmare that woke you up this morning.  

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Although your dreams may reveal messages from your subconscious, it's important to keep in mind that they could just be your unconscious mind venting and have no real significance. 

Cancer   Spend as much as you like on today's activities that bring you joy. Of course, within reasonable bounds.  

Spend as much as you want on yourself if that means treating yourself to a fancy dinner or a trip to the movies.  

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