Methods for Reducing Housemarking by Dogs 

As a method of scent distribution, it can be somewhat frustrating for certain dog owners. 

Even little amounts of urine, along with pinpoint marking, indicate that your dog is engaging in marking behavior when it defecates within the home. 

Therefore, if there is just a trace amount of urine, it is likely that your dog has started to mark. 

Dogs can pass enormous puddles of urine without realizing it if they are incontinent or have a medical condition that causes them to flow more urine, such as diabetes or kidney failure.  

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It is possible for them to wake up drenched and make puddles on their bed or couch.  

Other common symptoms in these dogs include anorexia and excessive thirstiness. 

The most critical thing for dog owners to do is to figure out when the behavior first appeared.  

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