Most Expensive Cats

Bengal cats' leopard-like spotted or marbled coats and loving nature make them popular with cat enthusiasts. These 8- to 15-pound, 8- to 10-inch cats live 12–16 years.  

Crossbred from a caracal, a wild cat like a lynx, with an Abyssinian or Chausie cat, the Caracat combines untamed allure and feline grace. This unique blend creates a captivating cat with wild and social features.  

Thai Khao Manees have stunning white fur and blue or multicolored eyes. Its stunning beauty is revered in Thai culture as a sign of good fortune  

Oriental Shorthairs have several coat colors and patterns and an elegant form. Their slender body and big ears give them a unique look and lively personality,  

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Stylish, long coats and voluminous tails make Turkish Angoras popular. These graceful, vivacious cats are loved for their beauty and friendliness  

The head and tail of the Turkish Van are colored differently, making it stand out. This large, powerful breed is appreciated for its remarkable water affinity and kind personality.   

With its strong frame and striking blue-gray fur, the Chartreux stands out. This French breed is known for its gentleness and devotion, making it a great pet. Chartreux cats, 10–16 pounds and 9–11 inches tall, live 12–18 years.  

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