Own the Best-Behaved Dog Breeds

All dogs are good. That’s true. However, certain kinds are naughtier. While coming home to your fur baby is always fun, it's nice to know they didn't spoil your shoes and furniture. 

Which breeds are noted for their good behavior? From small papillons to huge Irish wolfhounds, they're all there.

Get all the love without the headaches with these best-behaved dog breeds. 

This breed is named for its wide, fluttery ears that resemble butterfly wings, or papillon in French. Small, joyful, and playful, the dogs are easy to care for.

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These cuties shed, yet their cute features and kind nature make us willing to clean up their hair.

Cuba's national dog is this social breed. Havanese dogs have soft, silky coats and wide ears that resemble mid-length haircuts.

Their compact size makes them ideal for tiny apartments and residences. They also follow their owners throughout the house and are faithful.

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