Own the Best-Behaved Dog Breeds  

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The Papillon breed is named for its wide, fluttery ears that resemble butterfly wings (papillon in French). Small, joyful, and playful, the dogs are easy to care for.

The Havanese canine is the national canine of Cuba and is known for its gregarious nature. Havanese dogs have soft, silky coats and wide ears that resemble mid-length haircuts.

Their compact size makes them ideal for tiny apartments and residences. They also follow their owners throughout the house and are faithful.

Known for their intelligence, independence, and loyalty, German shepherds are a beloved breed of large dogs. Police, airports, and search-and-rescue teams

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Strong and large, their bite can be deadly, therefore parents with tiny children should watch interactions

The breed is friendly and docile, making it popular with families.

As long as they can release their energy, they thrive in huge settings and rarely misbehave.

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