Popular cat breeds worldwide  

American Bobtail No doubt, this cat is stunning, especially for its size. The American Bobtail's orange fur is eye-catching, but its best quality is that it's great for families  

This sweet-tempered cat can be walked and adapts to many situations, unlike other cats. They adore humans so much they can be therapeutic cats.  

Balinese You won't forget this cat after seeing it. Their gracious form and glittering blue eyes resemble Siamese cats, but their long-haired coat distinguishes them.  

Remember that this breed demands plenty of attention and loves to climb, so modify your living space. Though noisy, these cats rarely bother other pets.  

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Bombay The Bombay is a perfect tiny panther, like the Bengal is a jaguar. This little panther is excellent for cuddling on the couch and seeking attention.   

The Bombay will get along with another cat if it recognizes her as the resident black beauty. Yes, because people still don't adopt black cats, adopting this adorable kitty  

Burmilla It looks like this adorable cat with a silver-white coat, which can be long or short, is always wearing makeup due to its dark marks around the eyes  

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