Popular Dog Myths Disproven

Dogs yawn for many reasons besides being sleepy. They yawn when bored, lethargic, worried, or stressed.

Your dog may yawn at the vet because it feels anxious or threatened.Old dogs can't be trained is a common (and false) dog myth. 

Although puppies are the simplest to train, dogs naturally learn and don't alter as they get older.

Some physically demanding tasks may be challenging for older dogs with mobility limitations.

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Some canines have red-green color blindness, but they don't see solely black and white. However, the AKC states, "Dogs can see yellow, blue, and their combinations.

This turns much of the world grayish-brown. That luscious lawn? Perhaps a field of dead hay.

 If yours is wagging its tail, evaluate its body language using context.Many believe that dogs feel cooler with less fur, just like humans do with less clothes. 

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