Rank the Cutest Dog Breeds  

The Australians have it all: looks, intelligence, and brawn. It is easy for these intelligent puppies to learn new skills because they enjoy having a task to do and are eager to please their owners.

Those who live in the city are likely to notice French bulldogs on virtually every street corner. It is likely that the low-energy, big-eared puppies would make the cutest housemates you could ever hope to have

There is little doubt that Snoopy is the most well-known beagle in the world; yet, the three-dimensional beagles are equally as endearing. The beloved hounds have a tendency to follow their noses,

There is little doubt that the Queen of England possesses a refined taste in canines. The passion that Elizabeth II has for corgis is unparalleled; during her lifetime, she has owned more than thirty of these dogs!

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The American Staff is only one of the breeds that are commonly referred to as pit bulls; however, you should not allow preconceptions fool you. Being a part of the family is something that these intelligent and well-behaved puppies adore.

Children and cuddles are two things that Shelties like. What else could you possibly require when you have that face?

There is a good reason why they are listed as one of the most popular dogs in the country. Goldens always appear like they are ready for a picture.

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