Lenten Casserole Recipes

A family favorite, this rice casserole is filled with crab and shrimp for a delicious, warm, and quick meal.

I've cooked this lasagna-like zucchini ricotta bake several times and shared the recipe.

No matter how often I make this hearty pierogi casserole, my hubby never gets tired of it. Also perfect for potlucks.

I make grits with shrimp for a cozy supper on cold days. If you dislike shellfish, use chicken, ham, or both.

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Want to prepare eggplant? Start here. These real eggplant roll-ups take time to make but taste restaurant-quality.

This casserole combines tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Do not get your hands dirty dipping bread into hot soup! This Lent non-seafood supper is amazing too.

This quick, uncomplicated meal is wonderful. Tasteful, melt-in-your-mouth seafood makes elegant comfort food. 

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