Relaxing Slow Cooker Recipes  

This simple dish uses our freezer and pantry basics. Minimal ingredients and preparation.  

Our comfort dish is slow-cooked ribs with carrots, celery, onions, and red potatoes. Sometimes we add cayenne for heat.  

Our meatball sandwich strategy is simple: Slowly cook meatballs, put them in hoagie buns, then top with provolone and pepperoncini.  

I can easily make this hearty soup before work. After adding cooked spaghetti, I relax for a few minutes before dinner.  

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This scrumptious brisket will please your family after one bite! Creamy mashed potatoes go well with rich gravy.  

Because I don't have to stand at a hot stove, I adore this slow-cooker corn on the cob recipe for my husband. We like a little spiciness, so Cajun seasoning helps, but any spice blend will do.   

Italian salad dressing mix is a secret weapon for flavoring creamy chicken. Italian dressing chicken over rice or pasta is rich, flavorful, and perfect for guests.  

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