Savory and Sweet Bread Recipes 

Few things are as pleasant as the smell of fresh bread in the oven. Maybe this is in our DNA.  

Archaeobotanical evidence from modern-day Jordan suggests humans have baked and eaten bread since 14,000 years ago, according to PNAS.   

Bread made from a variety of cultivated grains has spread to societies around the world for thousands of years, making it one of the most important sources of nutrition for a big portion of the population.  

Many people baked bread during the early days of COVID-19 lockdown. All social media platforms were flooded with photographs of freshly made banana bread and sourdough starters.   

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This may have been an adaptive approach to manage stress and improve mental health during uncertainty, according to strong evidence.   

Flatbread, yeast bread, and fast bread recipes abound, regardless of the reason for baking.  

Daily Meal recipe developers have you covered for breakfast, lunch, supper, and any meal your heart and taste senses desire.   

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