Simple Recipes to Make Cheap Food!

This roasted aloo gobi, crispy, golden, and incredibly delicious, is going to transform your life. 

For a cozy supper that brings a bit of India straight to your dinner table, pair it with rice.

Enjoy this traditional pairing of beans and cornbread to get right into the heart of Southern comfort.

It's an easy, filling supper that tastes as good as it looks.This vivid green rice casserole will up your side dish game. 

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Brimming with the comforting qualities of cheesy rice and the healthiness of greens, this meal is a tasty take on classic casseroles.

 It's sure to please any table because it strikes the ideal balance between comfort and nutrition.

This hummus and falafel bowl is a colorful, wholesome dish that looks as good as it tastes.

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