Steakhouse Dishes to Avoid

Modern steakhouses offer a variety of menu items to suit different preferences, even though it would be sacrilegious to not serve excellent meat. 

Since these establishments offer so much variety, some will be better than others, and some steakhouse menu items should be avoided. 

Charley's Steak House in Florida offers a plant-based filet mignon in addition to its beef selections.

We include all the dishes to avoid for food safety, cost, or flavor. A steakhouse with prominent steak sauce should be avoided.

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Steak sauce is tasty, but its tangy, sweet, somewhat smokey flavor can soon dominate a dish.

Any dish that needs a lot of steak sauce is a red signal because it may imply that the meat isn't flavorful enough to show through with minimum additions.

Ordering steak with steak sauce is equally impolite, so don't ask your waitress to pour it on. You can order a little sauce on the side if you can't live without it.

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