Fruit storage prolongs freshness.  

Store apples, pears, citrus, and berries in the fridge crisper.  

Citrus fruits don't need refrigeration until stored for more than a week. If eating within a week, store citrus fruits on the counter because the refrigerator makes them bitter.  

Ripe watermelon, peaches, and avocados should be refrigerated.   

These fruits are climacteric, meaning they ripen after picking. Once ripe, store these fruits in the fridge to slow ripening.  

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Fruits mature faster and deteriorate faster when exposed to ethylene gas.  

Apples, bananas, and pears release the most ethylene gas, so store them separately. The only ethylene gas-resistant fruit is berries.   

However, tomato pudding's success is only explained by its fruitiness.Tomato pudding has lots of sugar.  

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