Tasteful, Cheap Dinner Ideas

What could be easier or more soothing than slow cooker mac and cheese

Aunt Dolly's potpie debuted at a family gathering. We enjoyed it and appreciated her sharing the recipe. Now we make it practically every time we bake a ham.

Cleanup is easy with creamy spinach chicken. Instead of cutting spinach, tear it with your hands to simplify.

This exquisite dish features chicken breasts, canned soup, white wine, Swiss cheese, and crumbled croutons. It takes few ingredients and is perfect for unexpected guests

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Recipe from my granny. She originally produced the tomato juice from scratch

When we had little food in the early 1970s, I came up with this cheap meal plan. Because it has barbecue sauce, hamburger, hot dogs, and beans, this skillet meal pleases kids and adults.

Air-fryer lemon chicken thighs remind me of Sunday dinner. The lemon and herb butter makes the chicken moist and tasty.

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