The 6 Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love

One of the most common astrological questions is regarding love. Whether we desire to be liked by many or discover our one, genuine, destined companion, there's no shame in asking for help

Pisces will embrace romance with enthusiasm and pride. They are passionate and intense in every relationship, wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Pisces loves fast and often. 

Cancers are dedicated lovers who will sacrifice their own happiness or principles to make their sweetheart happy. Cancers should be careful not to lose oneself in another person, as this can be disastrous.

Aries are fast to fall in love and chase new relationships. They appear assertive and controlling, but when with the proper person, they're quite compassionate.

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Having a Virgo who loves you is lucky. Virgos are selective in love. They provide long-term security rather than short-term flings. Virgos are fussy, which is ideal for love because they won't settle for less.

Taurus treads carefully before plunging into love. Then they're in for the long haul. Taurus prefers serious partnerships over hookups. They prefer to be patient and selective to spend all their time with the correct person.

Loving an Aquarius is like having your best friend around you. You won't hide secrets since you won't be judged. Interestingly, romance is not their forte. They show affection with meaningful gestures, making their spouse feel special.

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