The Bourbon Brand You Are by Zodiac Sign

Whether you believe in them or not, zodiac signs are popular. Your sign will be asked wherever you go and with whoever. 

Not having scientific evidence doesn't matter either. Astrology helps people make sense of this cruel and confused world. 

When things get rough, some consult their daily horoscope. Others drink bourbon. You may get the best of both with your zodiac sign bourbon.

Learn which one you are by reading on.The zodiac begins with fiery Aries. Fire signs born March 21–April 19 are competitive and hot-headed. 

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Aries strive to be first in everything, not just on the zodiac calendar. Given its ram symbol, these signs are likely easy. 

They prefer a head-on approach and avoid details. Knowing that, the Aries' bourbon brand is simple.

Stagg was Tasting Table's top bourbon brand in our 27-brand list. Buffalo Trace Distillery, one of the world's most prestigious distilleries, produces the George T.

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