The First 7 Steps of Puppy Training  

Puppy peeing on the rug or chewing up your slippers is irritating, but punishing it is a typical dog-training mistake.

Professional dog trainer Nicole Ellis states "During your dog's first three months, sociability outweighs fear—so this is the prime window to show your dog positive experiences in the world." 

Potty training a puppy takes time. Prioritizing this task with patience, effort, and on-the-ball supervision will allow you to stop your dog from peeing in the home without rushing.  

Training a puppy using dog crates can be helpful. They can teach your pet bladder control, avoid harmful behavior, and set limits, says Askeland.

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A puppy who chews, grabs, and pulls at its leash during a walk or is too terrified to move won't succeed. 

You may want to be with your dog 24/7 after bringing it home. Instead of letting your dog accompany you everywhere, teach it to be alone to avoid separation anxiety.  

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