In seconds, only Hawk Eyes can locate the number in this optical illusion.

The way we view reality is challenged by optical illusions, which have the ability to fascinate our imaginations. 

Among the most well-known examples is the ambiguous figure-ground illusion, 

which describes a situation in which an image can be interpreted in two distinct ways. 

The well-known Rubin's vase, for example, exemplifies this duality by allowing viewers to alternate between seeing a vase and two faces in profile.  

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Motion illusions are another form of fascinating illusions, which are characterized by the appearance of moving images when they are observed. 

In the Hermann grid illusion, which is characterized by the presence of phantom black dots at the intersections of white squares, 

These events shed light on the brain's propensity to fill in gaps, highlighting the fact that our visual impressions are highly subjective.  

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