The Top Dog Breeds That Are the Softest

The Keeshond may be ideal for pet owners seeking a strong companion. This breed was once a security dog and barge companion. They are friendly with youngsters, other pets, and strangers today.

Dog lovers seeking a little bundle of fluff may choose the Lhasa Apso. Growing to 11 inches, this little pup loves his family and is fine with kids and pets. Another non-shedding breed,

Bernese Mountain Dogs are huge dogs that love family and have silky, smooth coats you can burrow in. These extremely trainable companions will always be by your side,

No-shed Bichon Frises are ideal for those who want to reduce hair and dander. This cute, caring little breed is ideal for allergy sufferers.

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The Samoyed is a lovely, affectionate, trainable, and versatile dog. White, thick, soft fur on this lovely woolly-coated dog wants to be cuddled. The breed is athletic and high-energy

He adores his family and is usually up for playing, cuddling, or hanging out. Regular grooming maintains his medium-length double coat.

The huge, fluffy Bouvier des Flandres is a delightful companion. The breed grows to over 100 pounds and is friendly. Although not as cuddly as other dog breeds, its medium-length double coat is deceptively velvety.

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