The Veterinarian's Guide to Senior Dog Care

The elderly need more attention as they age. The same for dogs. As dogs age, their health may diminish and their care may change.

This essay will teach you everything about senior dog care, whether your dog is a senior or you are preparing.

Good news: old age is not an illness. With the right information and care, your dog can live long and well.

Senior dog care at home may be similar to younger dog care. However, these senior health tips will help your dog age better and avoid pain, misery, and high vet bills:

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Monthly weigh your dog and observe weight changes.Track your dog's food and drinking habits for changes. 

Increase vet visits to twice a year to detect and treat issues early.All pets need annual vet appointments, but seniors may need more often if they have health issues. 

Dogs age faster than humans and have faster health changes. Even for healthy senior dogs, vets recommend biannual checkups to detect issues early. 

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