The worst-behaved dog breeds worldwide, according to data

A dog's obedience can be affected by many variables. Training quality and duration, environmental circumstances, and puppy personalities all matter, but how much does breed and genetics matter?

Neuropsychological researcher Stanley Coren wrote "The Intelligence of Dogs." in 1994 to provide the ultimate guide to dog intelligence.

Coren surveyed 208 obedience judges from the American and Canadian Kennel Clubs, half of North America's judges.

Coren says 51% of a dog's intellect comes from genes and 49% from environment. 

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Coren ranked 140 dog breeds by working and obedience IQ using statistically significant data.

Coren calls their ability to learn and respond to directions and training a "measure of what the dog can do for humans."

Coren's studies helped Stacker identify the breeds with the lowest working and obedience IQ.

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