The Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Satisfy Their Thirties Over Their Twenties 

Something about the prospect of your first gray hair, wrinkle, or sneaky little belly button suddenly appearing gives you the willies. 

During this time, your renowned Mercury-guided communication abilities will reach their peak.  

You will be able to politely decline someone's request without coming across as needy and vice versa. 

After figuring out life in your twenties, your thirties will be like the icing on a pumpkin pie or gravy on a Thanksgiving turkey.  

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You will make sure that your 30s are far easier than your 20s were by applying what you've learnt and by approaching difficulties from different perspectives. 

In their thirties, fire signs Leo and Aries, who both have dominant personalities, will finally find their footing.  

You run the danger of erupting with inflated ego, proud Lion. Now is the time to embrace your innate leadership qualities; you are at the peak of your life.  

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