Top Disobedient Dog Breeds  

Saint Bernards are sweet and sociable, but their size and power grant them natural independence that can make obedience training difficult. Due to their tendency to be distracted  

Pekingese dogs are tenacious and strong-willed due to their past as royal companions. This regal background gives them independence  

Bullmastiffs are large and protective, but their stubbornness makes obedience training difficult. Bullmastiffs make great family dogs but need patience and constant training to become obedient.  

Due to their devotion and extroverted personality, Shih Tzus can be disobedient. After being bred as companion dogs for Chinese aristocracy, they still prefer exploration to obedience  

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Independent and free-spirited Borzois, bred for wolf hunting in Russia, can appear disobedient during training. Their strong sense of self and hunting instincts   

might distract them and render them unresponsive to directions. But with patience, persistent training, and positive reinforcement,  

The obstinate Japanese Chin might inhibit obedience yet is loyal to its owners. Due to their wariness of strangers, they need socializing in their training. Overcoming  

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