Top Dog Training Quotes to Motivate

“Watch your behavior. Yes, your dog is.” — Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB Emeritus, canine behavior expert/trainer and numerous book author.

Dogs view clicker training as a great game. The game is simple: your dog must accomplish something for you to get something he wants. 

“What if being a great feeder rather than a leader is the key to dog training? A talented reinforcer instead of a severe enforcer? Bright Spot Training Services owner and author Kathy Sdao 

Training typically fails because humans expect too much of animals and too little of themselves.

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Veteran animal trainer and lecturer Bob Bailey“When you stop using aversive controls like threats, intimidation, and punishment and learn how to use reinforcement to get better results, your worldview changes. 

You needn't be weak. You can remain in command. Your identity remains. Just see new things.” Karen Pryor, behavioral biologist, author, and Karen Pryor Academy founder “Heavy socialization is the smartest dog investment.

The more you love your dog, the more you require human behavior knowledge.

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