Top Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

In summary, the name Shih Tzu refers primarily to the small dog's appearance.

It actually means "little lion." Their large ears and rounded faces have some similarities to the mane of a lion, but that's where the similarities end. Shih Tzus are incredibly kind and patient.

They are content as long as their kin are present. Although companionship is the ideal role for them, some owners have begun training their dogs to compete in agility contests.

Pets require a lot of responsibility. They require a lot of upkeep as pets. Adopting a puppy is actually about as responsible as raising a toddler in the real world—and it's just as messy.

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These are the greatest low-maintenance dog breeds if you're looking for a pet that requires less care than most.

These breeds range in size from little canines that need little exercise to larger, more laid-back, hypoallergenic varieties that are among the easiest to maintain.

In summary, basset hounds are still employed for hunting because they were bred specifically to hunt small game.

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