Top Narcissistic Zodiac Signs

Leos are self-centered and obnoxious because they love attention. Confident and charismatic, they love flaunting.  

But occasionally their need for attention becomes compulsive, and they dominate others. Insecure Leos may act grandiosely to compensate.   

If they focused on hyping others instead of striving for the brightest shine, they'd be unstoppable.  

Scorpios care deeply about everything, especially themselves. They're so confident in their own abilities and value that they rarely validate others.   

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Their arrogance makes them manipulate people and situations. Delusion comes easily to them.  

Scorpios should use their powers for more than mind games and power plays.Aries are "me first" and pursue their goals without consideration for others.   

These fiercely autonomous people rarely consider how their actions affect others. Aries can be cruel and self-centered.   

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