Top-Rated Pet Sitter: Avoid Dog Breeds Unless You Like Constant Barking

Come to the loud side of dogs! If you like quiet, buckle up as we explore the 10 most vocal dog breeds. Talkative, these dogs are the life of the bark party!

From little yappers to big-time howlers, we're studying the canine gang who could challenge any noise-canceling headphone. 

If your ideal pet is seen but not heard, take notes. Meet the barkers!Small and graceful, the Maltese is admired for its beautiful white coat and kind, friendly demeanor.

 Lorna remembers Benny, a Maltese with a lively bark. “Despite their aristocratic bearing, Maltese are quite spirited .

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very vocal, especially when alerting their owners to strangers or unusual noises,” Lorna says.

While friendly and playful, this breed may need training to control its barking. Although they bark, Lorna has owned three of them because they are faithful and take their companionship seriously.

it drives me crazy when Yodi barks when someone knocks, but he's so smart, cute, and sweet I quickly get over it."

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