7 Bible-Referenced Foods We Eat Today  

If you've eaten Mediterranean, olives and olive oil are the stars. In biblical times, olive trees symbolized peace.   

Sweet or salty crunchy almonds in cereals and chocolate bars. In the Bible, they symbolized promise and alertness. They also make a nutritious snack while you're avoiding chips.  

Honey preceded sugar as a sweetener. The Bible calls the Promised Land “flowing with milk and honey.” We sprinkle it on waffles, yogurt, and even in cool skincare treatments.  

Figs are sweet, purple fruits included in health bars and fine sweets. Fig trees represented prosperity in the Bible.  

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Lentils may seem uninteresting, yet Esau traded his birthright for lentil stew. They are now the unsung heroes of vegan and protein-packed diets.  

Grapes aren't only tasty appetizers or fruit salad ingredients. They were once made into wine for celebrations.  

The ancient grain barley was used in many recipes. With people loving the ‘ancient grain’ trend, health bowls and salads are using it again.  

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