Totally Different Zodiac Signs With Same Energy

Due of their cardinal signs, Cancer might resemble Aries. Cancer is a water sign and Aries a fire sign, but they share cardinal traits.  

"Cancers have that fiery Aries energy," Moody said on TikTok. "They're super fun, super sweet, super outgoing," she said, warning that angering either sign may be dangerous.  

Due to their energy and drive, cardinal signs are sometimes called zodiac leaders.  

Most astrologers link cardinal signs with leadership, activity, initiative, and making things happen. Cardinals rarely let grass grow under their feet and take risks faster than other signs.  

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The Zodiac Signs Who Are Completely Opposites But Attract Each Other Like Crazy  

You can confuse Sagittarius with Scorpio since they're both attractive, have tremendous sexual magnetism, and tend to gain personal power.  

Jupiter, the planet of gain, wisdom, and expansion, rules optimistic Sagittarius. Mars and Pluto control Scorpio. Scorpio has a powerful dark energy from Pluto, while Sagittarius is cheery, curious, and adventurous.   

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