Unknown Black Tea Health Facts  

Theaflavins and flavonoids in black tea cut cholesterol and heart disease risk. Low blood pressure is another benefit of black tea.  

A brain blood channel blockage causes strokes, which are commonly fatal. Drinking two cups of black tea everyday reduces stroke risk.  

Antioxidants in black tea protect the body from free radical damage. Environmental free radicals damage cells and induce inflammation, among other problems.  

Unsweetened black tea lowers blood glucose, aiding the body's sugar management. Blood sugar levels can also be improved by drinking black tea after meals.  

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Black tea contains caffeine and focus-boosting L-theanine. The two together boost energy and cognition.  

On average, persons who drink two cups of black tea every day have a lower risk of mortality from any cause.  

On the other hand, there is a good likelihood that you won't even want to consume the entire beverage. 

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