Vet-Recommended Ways to Extend Your Dog's Life  

Pet owners can increase their dog's longevity and improve their quality of life to maximize their few years on Earth.  

Freshpet's expert veterinarian is Dr. Aziza Glass, and its R&D vice president is Dr. Gerardo Perez-Camargo.   

Freshpet, Perez-Camargo focuses on extending dog lifespans.  

The experts told Newsweek that love, care, and decent diet can help an aging dog live longer than its breed average.  

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Being proactive in your dog's veterinary care is the best way to detect and monitor preventable diseases," Glass said.  

This covers annual and biannual physicals for adults, pups, and seniors. These tests provide early disease detection and speedier treatment.  

"It also makes it easier for the pet parent to be compliant with recommended wellness care, including, but not limited to, vaccinations,  

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