Vets Share Common Dog Pain Signs  

Since our dogs can't talk, we use their nonverbal signs to detect problems. Your dog may shake or tremble if they have muscle, stomach, or back pain.  

If your dog is hurt, they may growl, snap, or bite. When you pet a dog in severe pain, this can happen. Your dog may cower or flee.    

If your dog sleeps more or less than usual, he may need a vet visit. The Huffington Post adds, "Another sign your dog is sick?

It loses interest in its favorite toys and displays signs of weariness. Toxin exposure, dehydration, or viral or bacterial illness are possible causes.

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Anyone with a broken bone or burn won't want anyone touching the damaged region, and our pets are the same. Your dog won't like your pets or touching a painful place because they can't inform you.  

This could be arthritis, hip problems, or an injury. If your dog stops jumping on the sofa for a hug or following you up the stairs for bed, you may need to phone your vet to make sure they're okay.    

Examples include yawning when not fatigued, blinking when not needed, and more. Displacement actions might indicate anxiousness.

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