Virginia White Sauce isn't Traditional Salsa

One thing is guaranteed at American Mexican restaurants: A free basket of tortilla chips and salsa.

A cup of pico de gallo or salsa verde is common, although Virginia Mexican restaurants serve white sauce with tortilla chips. White sauce doesn't taste like salsa and doesn't contain cheese.

It's unique salsa.Virginia white sauce is commonly made with Miracle Whip, mayonnaise, or milk, but recipes vary.

Combine the creamy foundation with bold flavors like red pepper flakes, dried oregano, cumin, and garlic powder. 

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 Light and spicy, the sauce goes well with salty, crispy tortilla chips. Chips and salsa may reveal a lot about a Mexican restaurant, and Virginia white sauce indicates a unique offering. 

 Where did Virginia white sauce come from, and is it related to Mexican food?Virginia white sauce originated at El Toro in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Willie Jenkins bought the eatery in the 1970s, and business boomed. The white sauce was once a salad dressing.

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