Warning Signs of Dog Pain

Many dogs express their feelings on their tails. However, they may not express pain as much as we would.

How can you determine if your pet is sick? These 15 indicators indicate your dog's discomfort.

You know something is wrong when your pet starts sighing like a Shakespearean actor.

If your dog acts tragic, he may need a checkup.When hurting, dogs might look down like disapproving parents. 

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The doubtful look asks, “Why haven’t you noticed I’m not feeling great?” They can also avoid eye contact when hurt.

Your dog normally jumps on the couch with enthusiasm. However, avoiding their preferred area may indicate a problem. 

When acting strangely, take your dog to the vet.Do you see your dog curling up, hunching, or holding its body oddly? Each of these indicators can indicate pain. 

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