What Distinguishes Gelato From Ice Cream, Exactly?

One of the greatest pleasures in life is a scoop of something sweet and creamy.

Ice cream and gelato are just two of the many alternatives available to fans of frozen desserts to sate their sweet desire.

These summertime favorites aren't the same, even though they both start with a machine or hand-churned mixture of milk, cream, and sugar. 

Because ice cream has a higher cream to milk ratio than gelato, it usually contains more fat. 

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Conversely, gelato is sometimes described as thicker, softer, more intensely flavorful, and even stretchy, with a foundation consisting primarily of milk rather than cream. 

Keep in mind that while there is a legal definition of ice cream in the United States, more on that later, these are simply generalizations. 

If we really want to get technical, the word "gelato" is the Italian for "ice cream." Artisans all over the world may create their gelati and ice cream in accordance with various requirements. 

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