What Not to Feed Pets

Veterinarians disprove the idea that bones offer calcium since animals can't digest them.

"Like humans, dogs and cats have soft intestines. The expert said it is not "armor-piercing" and can harm.

Tubular bones: Bird bones can splinter and injure the gut. Large bones: Even pig and cow bones are risky.

Sharp pieces can cut the stomach, intestines, or esophagus, causing internal bleeding or tissue rupture and a sudden, agonizing death. 

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A blunt bone trapped in the intestine must be surgically removed.Fish bones: Cats often get fish bones in their throats.

The expert warns against relying on "successful experience" feeding pets bones because mishaps can happen.Alcohol is bad for people and worse for animals.

Small pets can die from ethanol poisoning from a small amount. Ending the notion that alcohol can "disinfect" poisonings, specialists advise against giving animals alcohol.

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