When it comes to subs, these sandwich chains are unrivaled. 

Perhaps it's the length, or the fact that they can be hot or cold worked. For whatever reason, we adore them.  

We've compiled a list of the top 25 sub sandwich chains and rated them from excellent to so amazing that we could eat here every day for lunch.  

Goodcents is one of the most well-known sub chains in the Midwest, and everyone has an opinion about it. 

The company's expansion into other areas, such as Pennsylvania, makes it seem like we'll all soon have to decide whether we're fans or not.  

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Sandwich options like the chipotle cheesesteak and buffalo chicken, 

which are always delivered on soft bread, are a welcome change from the chain's awful logo choice. 

When we do find ourselves in a mall for food, this business is typically among our favorites.  

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