Why do pets eat plants? The Causes and Treatments

Boredom, taste, texture, or nutritional deficiencies might cause pets to chew on plants. Consider feeding them herbs and watching their behavior.

Chewing plants can help pets feel better, but excessive vomiting or discomfort should see a vet.

Keep dangerous plants away from pets. Outdoor plants may contain pesticides, feces, or harmful mold that harm pets.

You may have noticed that your pets chew indoor and outdoor plants. Seeing it for the first time can be scary.

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You care for their health and your lovely indoor plants. Keeping your plants away helps, but they'll still eat outdoor plants.

Therefore, you must know why your pets eat plants for peace of mind.Over the years, your pets' mischief may have astonished you, but chewing leaves and grass may be new. 

Why do cats eat plants? Or why would dogs eat leaves? Pets consume grass and leaves for several reasons.

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