World's favorite dog breeds

The World Canine Organization lists 360 dog breeds. Each has its own traits.  

locating the proper pet can be like locating a pin in a haystack with so many breeds.  

Here are 15 world-class breeds.Labrador Retrievers are smart, playful, and sociable.   

Sweet, easygoing pets, they're ideal for first-time owners.Its golden coat distinguishes the Labrador cousin Golden Retriever.   

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It is a popular breed in numerous Western countries. For excellent reason! Goldens are friendly, trainable family dogs and great assistance dogs.  

The Beagle's attractive floppy ears make it a popular pet. They're autonomous, adaptive, and don't inherit health issues.   

It now detects banned agricultural imports and foods worldwide.French Bulldogs are versatile and need little exercise, making them excellent for elders and busy individuals.   

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