You Enjoy Chaos and Conflict

You usually accentuate the most dramatic aspects of circumstances. Your restaurant waiter was picking on you.  

Your supervisor was mad at you, not struggling. Not all about you! Sometimes you have to take things at face value instead of seeing a hidden significance.  

Your chaotic energy may be attracting others if your relationships are conflicted and stressful.  

Maybe unstable relationships are exhilarating at first, but then exhausting.  

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For lasting relationships, seek out more level-headed mates.Your arguments in relationship difficulties show your love of drama and disorder.  

Maybe you shoot, name-call, or degrade others. This will worsen the connection. Reduce drama and communicate clearly and respectfully.  

You may be too used to commotion to relax in peaceful situations. When things cease being dramatic and conflict-driven, you get bored and suspicious.  

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